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Virtual Meeting Keeping Employees Connected

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Virtual Meeting

Virtual meeting are keeping employees connected during these ever-changing times. There are many ways through which organizations are keeping in touch with their employees virtually.

Virtual Meeting

You can connect through video and voice conference call. Ensure you choose correct app for using conference call such as Skype, WebEx, Zoom, Microsoft teams etc. If in case someone want to come to office to pick up some urgent document. So, you can ask any person such as the security guard who’s available in office to assist them.

Microsoft Teams

Connect with colleagues through Teams app. We can either connect through Audio and as well as Video through Audio and can discuss our daily routine work.

Follow-up with written communication

Verbal communication is likely to be quicker but things tend to be forgotten after the call, thus it is always better confirming your conversation over the emails. Written emails are always recommended, instead of messages and phone calls with colleagues, on other hand, If they need any kind of assistance related to their system. So, you can take control of their systems on remote screen sharing and assist them accordingly.

So, like this, you can build your relationship with your clients while working from home. Also, they could contact you and feel free.

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