Sat. Sep 25th, 2021

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Sohna Road, Gurgaon

There are many companies which are expanding in the Sohna region due to its growth prospects. The infrastructure work is in full swing and it has given a sense of optimism to the investors and businesses. Top brands like Capgemini, Xerox operationalize from this region and there are other small businesses like traders, merchants, freelancers and sole-proprietor who wish to cover the interior region of Gurgaon from sector 30-50. For businesses, which want to cover the interior region of Gurgaon with limited budget, they can look forward to virtual office in Sohna Road as a way-out for expansion.

Why Sohna Road is excellent place for business?

The virtual office requirement may be because of expansion or to just make a presence felt. The businesses can expand in the Sohna region because the commercial and residential market is growing in this region. New projects in the residential segment, restructuring of the Sohna Road into 6-lane-multi-connectivity which connects Golf Course Extension Road enables the business to get connected with sector 67, 69, 48, 71, 38, 47, 49, 33 and Badshahpur region means more business for the investors. The Sohna region has also been revamped with different benefits like hotels, freeways Kundli-Manesar-Palwal cuts down the journey to Manesar. The businesses which are engaged in automotive would have more profits associated in this region. Availability of hotels like Country Touch resort, Mittal Metropolis have given ease to the owners of the virtual offices to arrange for meetings and conferences. They can easily arrange fine-dining and accommodation at these hotels. For businesses, which have limited budget, the virtual office can enable them to open in this location and harbor clients and business from their presence at iconic locations in Sohna. The top providers of virtual offices in this region have been helping businesses develop their market. The top names to consider in the category of virtual office providers include:

  • Inhwa
  • Well-done Tech Park
  • Regus
  • Vatika Business Center

These centers are located very close to rail, road and air network. These advantages have enabled the business to easily manage their affairs and expand in other areas of Gurgaon.

How virtual office can help businesses?

Small investors and traders are not having huge budget but they want their presence to be felt at iconic location. The presence of virtual office in strategic flashpoints would allow the business to communicate with the stakeholders and customers. Through virtual personal assistance, administration support, courier and communication handling, access to office space, the business can expand in this region. The small investors must book a virtual office in Sohna Road for customers always resonate better with a local service provider.

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