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Nehru Place

For an IT based company, the Nehru Place region is a Mecca, any company associated with IT would be eager to operate from the Nehru Place region. This region is already dominated by top brands like Quality Assurance Institute India Ltd, Omega Agro Pvt Ltd, Reckitt Benckiser, Epson Singapore India Pvt Ltd, Guardian International Corp through a colossal investment. For small companies, they are aware of the business benefits that this place can lend but budgetary constraints act as a deterrent for them. The virtual offices in Nehru Place have paved a way for expansion and growth to the enterprises with minimal budget and to those MNCs who are wishful of just making their presence felt in this location.

Why Nehru Place is good place for business?

Nehru Place is an established IT hub and it is the largest in Asia. Such a credibility means a lot of business and demand. Apart from the demand and market, the Nehru place region is well connected through outer Ring Road, Lala Lajpat Road and the violet line metro connects Nehru place with other regions in Delhi. Modernization is also attracting more investment with 7.5-acre multi-level parking facilities availed for commercial and domestic purpose. For the owners of virtual offices, the availability of hotels like Parkland, Clarks Inn, FabHotel, the Muse Sarovar Portica is exquisite option whenever there is client meeting and conferences. These hotels can provide fine dining and accommodation facility to the clients when there is need. The IGI airport is 40-minutes travel from this location and Hazrat Nizamuddin Station is just 8 km away which makes the accessibility to this region very much possible without much hassle. These advantages cannot be overlooked by a business investor who is closely analyzing the region for expanding their business. Most of the businesses with limited capital have resorted to virtual offices in Nehru Place to create a positive image in the minds of their stakeholders. Their pursuits of operating from an iconic location has been supported by top business centers in Nehru Place offering virtual offices like:

  • Regus, New Delhi
  • Paharpur Business Center
  • Incube Business Center

How Virtual Offices Are Supporting Business Expansion at Nehru Place?

The virtual offices in Nehru Place have given the opportunity to MNCs and small businesses to use an iconic location along with virtual personal assistance services. In this service, the owner of the virtual office is given a dedicated board-line number, iconic address for communication, manned reception service, communication collateral handling services to meet with all the needs of the business. These services make the stakeholders and clients feel that the company operates from the Nehru Place location and they have a better identity in the market, thereby, producing brand recognition and business for the small companies in the long run.

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