Tue. Dec 7th, 2021

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Get Virtual Offices in Delhi & Gurgaon

MG Road, Gurgaon

The MG Road region is the entry gateway to the realms of Gurgaon and it has been famous for hosting a gamut of 250 Fortune 500 companies. The MG Road connects with the NH8 and makes access to the interiors of Gurgaon extremely possible. The presence of big brands make MG Road region an excellent business hub. Top companies like Nutrilite, Fritolay, Bharti Airtel Limited, Motorola Solutions India, Aricent Group, Greenlam Industries Limited, Sennheiser Electronics India Pvt Ltd, FedEx, Trade Networks Transport and Brokerage, Macmillan Publishers have made the business environment electrifying. Small brands, trades, freelancers and merchants want to operate their business from this location but they have limited budget to spare. The virtual offices in MG Road have given them a way-out to establish themselves at this location. Through the virtual offices, the freelancers and small business entrepreneurs can establish their business address at iconic location.

Why MG Road is an excellent place for business?

Accessibility is the USP of MG Road. The region is densely populated and it can easily cater to Delhi and Gurgaon at the same time. The business which are expanding or simply want to establish their presence, for them, the MG Road region is a mecca. The heritage city of Gurgaon along with DLF Phase 1 and 2, DLF Colony, sector 14, 15, 16 and 17 surround the MG Road. The availability of metro station, NH8, Gurgaon railway station enables the owner of the virtual office to easily conduct meeting and conferences with the clients and stakeholders. The hassle of accommodation and fine-dining which is a necessity of virtual office holders is also sorted at this location by Bristol, Stately Suites, Fortune Global Arcade, Jukaso IT Suites, Le-Meridian. All this advantages enable smooth business operation and those traders, merchants, freelancers and entrepreneurs who wish to expand in this region can look forward to virtual offices as a smart option to claim. The top providers in this region includes:

  • The Regus
  • JMD Regent Square
  • Solitaire
  • Vatika Triangle
  • Vatika Business Center
  • Global Business Park

How virtual offices can help businesses?

For freelancers, traders, merchants who don’t carry their business on a larger scale, yet they want to be based at iconic location, the virtual offices are smart option for them. These offices provide reception support, communication and collateral handling and access to office space during needs. With all these features, when you book virtual office in MG Road, it is certain that cost of operation can be brought down and you can manage your office properly from anywhere in the globe.

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