Tue. Dec 7th, 2021

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Get Virtual Offices in Delhi & Gurgaon


Lying close to the NH8 and Cyber City region, the DLF Phase III wipes out the connectivity woes. For most businesses, the connectivity is the main concern and an office at DLF Phase III won’t let you bother for that. Top brands like Crompton and Greaves, Cargill India Pvt Ltd, TCS, General Electric, Infosys BPO, Hewlett Packard, Macmillan Publishers India Ltd, Cognizant Technology Solutions, Wrigley India Pvt Ltd operate and reap lucrative dividends due to the location. A location plays a vital role and they have exploited their advantage to the maximum. But small traders cannot invest in this region if they have limited budget. An investment in DLF Phase III region for office space means colossal funds for hiring one. Virtual offices in DLF Phase III have emerged as the best options for small time traders, freelancers, entrepreneurs with limited budget. They can expand dramatically through virtual space and DLF Phase III provides them the right platform.

Why DLF Phase III is good place for business?

It would always be an advantage to operate with “Fortune 500” companies. The DLF Phase III is located close to the Cyber City region where they operate. “Fortune 500” means the demand and supply paradigm in the region is stable. The companies which are present in the location will have a better reputation in the eye of the customer and stakeholder. Apart from the return on investment, the DLF region is connected by rail, road and air, this allows easy accessibility of clients and delegates during important meeting and conference. In the virtual offices, there are often client visits and customers are continuously trying to connect with the business. The virtual office offers dedicated services to make the customers and clients believe that they have invested their money thoughtfully. The nearby region has Royal Ramiro Residency, Emerald, Soul Vaas, Corporate Regency as the top hotels to meet with the need of fine-dining and accommodation. All these aspects support business investment and virtual offices are budgeted option for the enterprises to expand in this region. An office in this region also builds reputation for the business. As an investor or business, if one wants a good option for their virtual office space, the top ones to consider in this area includes:

  • Executive Center
  • Ambience Tower
  • ERM India
  • DLF 9A
  • Frontline Business Center
  • Crosscoop Delhi & NCR
  • Corporate Edge

How virtual office can help businesses in DLF Phase III?

Most businesses want to be based in DLF Cyber City but the area is expensive; however, an option is always available where one can invest and thrive. The DLF Phase III region allows the investors and businesses through virtual offices. At the virtual office, the business can get a dedicated reception service, communication and courier handling service to help the clients and stakeholders communicate through them and build the right amount of trust. A fulltime office can do the same stuff but investment would be more, whereas, when you rent virtual offices in DLF Phase III, the investment becomes economical and productive.

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