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About Us

For those businesses who are eyeing upon expansion or looking to expand their presence cutting across different territory and country, the concept of virtual office can help them dramatically. A Virtual office is an intangible presence of your business at an iconic location. The realm of Delhi and Gurgaon has emerged as a growing hub for businesses. Those who are in search of an iconic business space have found the concept of virtual office as a proposition that complies with the budgetary needs. The businesses can opt for an office space and operate with flamboyance. One can rent virtual assistance services included in the service packages that business centres offer.

What do we do?

The businesses which are based overseas can look forward to us to expand their fringes in the sub-continent India through virtual offices. At the same time, the businesses which operate in other states in India can also capitalize upon the concept of virtual office and expand in Delhi and Gurgaon. We assist you in your plans to hire the services of a virtual office. Clients who are our service holders witness growth due to our services and dedication to deliver in the time of need.

What do we offer to Businesses?

  • Reception Services: You can have a dedicated address at any iconic business location in Delhi and Gurgaon. A fully manned reception will look after the calls and correspondence from your clients and customers.
  • IT Assistance: The concept of virtual office entirely works on a superior IT module. The presence of cutting edge software technology and advanced IT dynamics would never let the clients and customers of your business feel left out. If you have availed the services of a virtual office, a dedicated software will filter calls, route them to the desired extension and never let your clients and investors feel that you are not physically present at such a location.
  • Additional Services: Apart from reception and IT dedicated services, the business centers walk an extra mile while delivering the services under the virtual office package. The individuals can have full access to offices for considerable hours and they can use all the amenities provided at the business centers, including the meeting rooms

When you rent virtual office with virtual assistance services, you will get the following benefits:

  • A professional call answering service
  • Mailing address
  • Discount on meeting rooms
  • Prime location
  • Call forwarding/call transferring
  • Superior customer service
  • Use of physical office upon upgradation of the package.

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