Mon. Oct 18th, 2021

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Old Gurgaon Road

The upgradation of Old Gurgaon Road to six-lane has solved the traffic problems and it has come as a USP for real-estate giants to place themselves at this location. The business sentiments are uplifted in this region and top brands like Accenture, Earnst and Young, Sapient, Unitech, Maruti Suzuki India, Ascent, Amdocs, Reliance Life Insurance are going to be the ultimate beneficiary. The development would attract more new companies with varied budget to function from this location. The upcoming top companies can always look forward to fully functional serviced offices; however, there are young entrepreneurs and freelancers wishing to capitalize this favorable atmosphere. They can book virtual office in Old Gurgaon Road to give wings to their expansion plans.

Why Old Gurgaon Road is an excellent place for virtual office?

Since most of the business in Gurgaon is related to the real-estate, they are oddly distributed in different regions. To micromanage things might seem tough for the businesses and they want to centralize the operation. To have a virtual office in Old Gurgaon Road would not just help them manage the operation in a better way but also provide budgeted solution. Even from the point of connectivity, the Old Gurgaon Road is a haven for business. Since this road runs parallel to and meets at the NH8, it allows easy access to the airport. Through metro as well the connectivity is bettered. One can take Rapid Metro and get down at Vodafone Belvedere station to reach this area, at the same time, connectivity on the Yellow Line is also made possible through IFFCO Chowk and Huda City Center. These are just one part of the advantages an owner of virtual office can enjoy to connect with the business, but there are other advantages as well which are prerequisite of virtual offices—hotels! The presence of premiere hotels like Hyatt Place Gurgaon can easily provide accommodation and fine-dining facility to the clients and stakeholders who would like to visit your office sometimes. Virtual offices can be used just for maintaining an iconic address but when clients and stakeholders visit for meeting and conferences, then there should be necessary arrangements and these facilities have ensured that clients get what they want during the times of need. For those seeking a virtual presence on the Old Gurgaon region, they can easily look forward to the top providers like:

  • Regus
  • Global Business Park
  • Apexone Business Center
  • Unitech Info Service
  • Infospace Limited
  • ITC Limited

How virtual offices can help businesses?

Business needs are diverse and they need right solution for the same. Virtual offices in Gurgaon have provided solution to big and small organization on a level playing field. For MNCs, they can strive for omnipresence across the globe. Whereas, for new entrants and freelancers, they can hit strategic business location through this concept. The virtual offices provide manned reception service, communication and collateral handling service, access to the office space, thereby, they create a positive image in the minds of the stakeholders. These features enable the business to improve their Return on Investment (RoI) through the services.

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